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GumBall Protocol - Liquid NFT Launchpad and Marketplace
GumBall is a launchpad and liquidity layer for creating and trading liquid NFTs. All NFTs created via GumBall’s architecture are backed by instant liquidity in a bonding curve. This eliminates the need for third-party marketplaces or order books, meaning digital assets issued via GumBall can act as their own marketplace. This form of liquid NFT is referred to as a gNFT.
Liquidity for gNFTs is provided by the purchase of the gNFT itself. Purchasers of gNFTs are analogous to single sided liquidity providers for that collection. Funds from a collection's mint stay in the collection's bonding curve. gNFTs on GumBall can be bought and sold instantly, since they always have guaranteed liquidity in their bonding curve at all times. Items can be staked to earn swap fees, and collateralized for their original floor price at any time through a novel lending system. This system allows for loans with no liquidations, no price oracle and no interest. The market price of a gNFT can never fall below it's beginning mint price.
GumBall’s architecture offers a solution for creating digital items that integrate easily into other DeFi applications, such as liquidity pools or LP positions. It offers a base layer of liquidity on which other digital items and applications can be built. GumBall is a system for backing digital assets with liquidity.
Last modified 4mo ago