💸Fee Structure

Each buy and sell on the bonding curve incurs swap fees for that specific collection. Each swap from gNFT to collection key in the GumBall Machine also incurs a fee.

Fees are set by creators for each collection.

Bonding Curve swap fees can be set from 2.5-10%

GumBall Machine fees can be set from 0-10%

Each collection's fees accumulate in their respective Fee Treasury over time as swaps/redemptions occur. A skim function can be called by anyone at any time to transfer the tokens in the treasury to their appropriate addresses.

Fee Treasury Split is

  • 40% to the collection creator

  • 40% to stakers

  • 20% to GumBall Treasury

Royalties from third party marketplaces such as Opensea are distributed to the collection creator as well.

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