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Buy gNFT

GumBall NFTs (gNFTs) can be purchased using base asset (ex $WETH) or collection tokens. Users can choose to mint an unrevealed gNFT or choose from any that have been returned to the GumBall Machine


  • Collection tokens balance >= 1 or base asset balance > gNFT market price
  • ETH balance >= current gas fees


1. Select the 'Collection' tab on the toolbar

2. Select your collection of interest

3. On the "Buy" tab, choose to mint an unrevealed gNFT or select already revealed gNFTs to buy

4. If minting unrevealed gNFTs, you can choose how many you would like to mint in the cart pop-up

5. If buying already revealed (returned) gNFTs, you can choose as many as you'd like to add to your cart

6. Choose your payment type, either base asset or collection tokens, and click the buy or mint button

7. Click 'Confirm' on the Metamask pop-up to approve access

8. Click 'Confirm' on the next Metamask pop-up to initiate mint/purchase