Mint Unrevealed gNFT

Gumball NFTs (gNFT) are minted using the Gumball Machine.


  • GBT balance >= 1
  • ETH balance >= current gas fees


1. Select the 'Shop' tab on the toolbar

2. Select your collection of interest

3. Navigate to the Gumball Machine in the top-left of the page

4. Select '?' to mint a random, unrevealed gNFT

gNFTs displayed on this page were returned to the Gumball Machine by previous owners

5. Enter the amount of gNFT(s) you'd like to mint

6. Click 'Mint'

7. Click 'Confirm' on the Metamask pop-up to approve access to GBT

8. Click 'Confirm' on the next Metamask pop-up to initiate mint