Express Create Page (Image Upload)

Guidelines on deploying art on GumBall using the image upload method with the new Express Create Page

  1. Connect Wallet and Click "Create Collections" on the collection page [ ]

  2. Select "Upload Images" (don't choose the metadata option at this time)

  3. Upload your Cover Image, Banner and Token Image

  4. Enter the Collection Name, Description and Token Ticker

  5. On the next page, upload your Collection Images (up to 10K).

  6. Add desired total supply of the collection (min 50 max 10K)

  7. On the "Additional Information" page, add fees, floor price, public launch date, etc. You can open whitelist mint before public once you are deployed from "manage collection" tab. Dashboard > Manage > Whitelisting.

    Be sure to also "Open Market" after.

    Note: there is currently not a Ui confirmation for success on either of these steps, but you can confirm the actions on-chain. Will be adding confirmations for better UX.

  8. Click "Upload Collection". Give the site a few moments to complete your upload. You can then navigate to your Dashboard to see your new collection and get the URL link.

Note: It may take up to one hour for images to populate via The Graph.

  1. New collections will show up on the front page after 5 ETH volume. Until then, they can only be accessed via the link provided by the creator, so be sure to share it with your community.

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