Our Mission

What is our goal with GumBall, and why should YOU care about GumBall?
Our team is a small but dedicated group of builders in the web3 space. We see the NFT landscape as a still young and growing sector. Our goal with GumBall is to provide a new tool for creators and users to have more autonomy over their digital items and freedoms from third party marketplaces.
For Creators, we:
  • Provide easy to use UI and contracts for creating and launching liquid gNFT collections
  • Enable built-in, easy to use technical capabilities for your gNFT collection such as staking and borrowing, and DeFi interoperability
  • Introduce a revenue structure for selling art and digital goods that is similar to licensing/royalties
For Users, we:
  • Provide an easy to use UI for users to buy and sell gNFTs
  • Allow users to buy and sell their gNFTs at any time without needing to list on a marketplace or find a buyer
  • Lower the potential for scams and rugpulls but ensuring mint liquidity stays in a collection's bonding curve
  • Allow users to earn real yield via swap fees through staking, or borrow against their gNFT without interest or risk of liquidation