For Creators
  • Lower barrier for entry for creator's collections due to lowered risk for buyers.
  • Ability to re-mint provides options for users while supporting floor price
  • Collections launched on GumBall have the added support of the GumBall community, space in the GumBall Discord, etc.
  • Ease of buying and selling encourages higher volume
  • No need to build additional utility, users don't pay money for promises of future development.
  • GBT staking encourages liquidity to stay in a collection's bonding curve.
For Collectors
  • Lower risk for buyers- instant liquidity allows for exiting gNFT positions when desired.
  • Users can re-mint their NFT for a fee if they prefer a different piece of art from a collection
  • Staking option provides a way to potentially offset original cost of NFT (profit is not guaranteed or to be expected from staking)
  • Utility and ability to liquidate encourages higher volume and swap fees benefiting stakers.
  • Native liquidity from GumBall is compatible with other NFT liquidity options. gNFTs can be used in ecosystems that bring liquidity to existing NFT collections or tokens for added benefits.