Road Map

Phase I: Initial launch (Q4 2022)
This phase is focused on getting a minimum viable product to market. We aim to launch the basic version of GumBall Protocol on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Berachain!
  • Launch Collections: Onboard high quality creators for initial launch collections
  • Community Creation: Establish an engaged, creative community via Discord and Twitter.
  • Documents and Roadmap: Technical overviews of how our ecosystem functions and future plans.
  • Audit: Full audit for all contracts.
  • Live TestNet on Rinkeby Arbitrum/ETH and Boba
  • Live Functional Liquid NFT Marketplace: Minting, selling, swapping, staking, and borrowing NFTs
Phase II: GumBall V2 (Q1-2 2023)
Once our MVP is launched, we will continue expanding it and refining it for the release of V2. This will represent the “full” vision of GumBall Protocol base layer. Once this is complete, we will shift our focus toward building future applications on top of the project.
  • Grants: Obtain funding to continue building and expanding the protocol, hiring employees, etc
  • Creator UI: Allow creators to easily and automatically submit art and generate NFTs
  • Community Collections: Allow community members to create collections without the need for whitelisting
  • Analytics Page: Track and display in depth analytics about collection stats
  • GumWall Native Collection: Gamified community collection where users can battle for fee split rewards.
  • Yield Farming: integration with farming ecosystems to allows GBT yield farming
  • Governance: Allow possibility for collection holders to hold voting power for decisions concerning collection liquidity, vesting, etc.
  • Partnerships: Collaborate with other projects and protocols
  • Physical Merch Redemption: Allow creators to integrate a physical redemption for NFTs in their collections
  • Vaults: Bring deep liquidity to existing non-GumBall NFTs
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