Road Map

Where we've been, where we're going...
Phase I: GumBall V1 Initial Beta launch (Q1-Q2 2023)
This phase is focused on getting a minimum viable product to market.
  • Launch Collections: Onboard creators for initial launch collections
  • Community Creation: Establish an engaged, creative community via Discord and Twitter.
  • Documents and Roadmap: Technical overviews of how our ecosystem functions and future plans.
  • Audit: Full audit for all contracts.
  • Live TestNet on Arbitrum
  • Live Functional Liquid NFT Marketplace: Minting, selling, swapping, staking, and borrowing NFTs
Phase II: GumBall V2 (Q3 2023)
Once our MVP is launched, we will continue expanding it and refining it for the release of V2. This will represent the “full” vision of GumBall Protocol base layer. Once this is complete, we will shift our focus toward building future applications on top of the project.
  • Full EVM Compatibility- Launch GumBall collections on any EVM chain
  • Creator UI: Allow creators to easily and permissionlessly launch gNFTs
  • Full UI/UX Overhaul, including new cart system and dashboards
  • On-Chain Affiliate links: Earn swap fees from users you bring into the ecosystem via your address link.
  • Grants: Obtain funding to continue building and expanding the protocol, hiring employees, etc
  • Ongoing Partnerships: Continued business development and partnerships to expand GumBall's reach
  • Physical Merch Redemption: Allow creators to integrate a physical redemption for NFTs in their collections
Phase III: GumBall Forever (2024)
Expansion of the GumBall Ecosystem with additional development projects built on top of the GumBall Protocol base layer
  • Full EVM Compatibility- Launch GumBall collections on any EVM chain