To summarize, GumBall Protocol is a capital efficient, multi-use liquid NFT and DeFi hub that allows users to:
  • Buy and sell tokens representing an index of an NFT collection's price
  • Stake these tokens to earn swap fees
  • Take out loans that repay themselves over time with no risk of liquidation
  • Purchase NFTs that can be instantly liquidated or sold off site
For creators, GumBall is a combination of a digital art collective and DeFi ecosystem that allows NFT makers to:
  • Easily create collections with native liquidity and utility
  • Earn swap fees each time tokens for their collection are bought and sold
  • Participate in and get support from the greater GumBall Community
Jokes about "right-click-copying" NFTs may strike a nerve with some community members, but there is a kernel of truth behind it. When the only utility an NFT has is it's visual component, or a promised future utility that may or may not come to fruition, NFTs can seem bit silly. GumBall Protocol creates an ecosystem around the idea that NFTs should have deep native utility and liquidity- the kind that cannot be "right-click-copied".
Thank you for reading, we look forward to building with you!
-The GumBall Cartel